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Pass On Patterns Of Hurt To Your Children

       Hi, I’m Amanda

Too often, as busy women, we put our energy into maintaining a healthy body or financial security yet we neglect our emotional health; discounting the importance of emotional wellbeing.

Minimizing past hurts, neglecting our self, suppressing our true feelings puts a huge strain on how we show up in life.

I get it. I’m one ambitious woman and mother. But I also know the toll it takes on my physical health and my relationships.

Let me tell you about myself…

I come from a place of stunning imperfection with a huge passion for women to become their best selves.

Supporting women to free themselves from overwhelm, anxiety and ongoing stress is close to my heart. I was once there myself, but now healing is an everyday part of my lifestyle – part of how I show up in the world – and it comes with so much ease. I want to show you how to achieve this for yourself!

As a trauma-informed Mind-Body coach, yoga teacher and nutritionist, I have the privilege of living out my goal to empower women with life-changing mindset tools, lasting wellbeing habits and the space to become EMOTIONALLY WHOLE.

I lead effective healing retreats and an epic online healing program so women like you can experience deep rest, authentic connection and lasting healing.

I would love to work with you on creating a radiant life where you are in the driver’s seat on who you are being in this world and the legacy you would like to leave.

When I’m not walking the soul journey with beautiful women, you will find me walking in nature, spending time with my husband (hiking hills usually!), having fun with my three gorgeous children, reading, stretching out on my mat or sipping herbal with my dear friends.

I trust this leaves you inspired to nurture your own wellbeing journey.

To a life of abundance,

Amanda x

So much gratitude…


“Amanda has been working with me on my recovery journey. Her rich experience has allowed me to shift certain beliefs I had that were suffocating me. Amanda provides a safe and non-judgmental space for me to heal and thrive. She’s very compassionate and committed to me living my best life. I highly recommend her as a coach.”

Annie Rose


“Amanda is passionate in sharing her gifts and knowledge with others. She provides lots of great information and insights that I can use in my everyday life.”

Marni Otway

An Incredible Experience


“The retreat was an incredible experience. It reminded me who I am as a person and who I want to be. It taught me how to deal with the day to day struggles while looking after myself. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone looking for a little more happiness in your life.”

Taylor Carroll

Self-Care Reconnection


“I have connected back with myself and I’m celebrating my womanhood. Thank you Amanda for helping me to further understand and deepen my mind-body connection.”

Cathryn Dawn

In my approach I combine brain-based strategies and mind-body tools along with my lived experiences of overwhelm, shame and loss to a life of freedom, peace and balance.

I hold a BCS and GradDip in Communication Studies and I’m a certified Mind-Body practitioner, nutritionist and yoga teacher. I love keeping up to date with the latest in neuroscience, mental health wellness and emotional literacy.



An afternoon of relaxing rituals to soothe your nervous system... only 15 spots available. Book now...


NOVEMBER 15-18, 2022

4 days, 3 nights of Inner Grace, Inner Pace. Join us for a beautiful soul reset in the majestic mountains of the Wanka region...




Leave with holistic tools to apply to your mothering journey... ONLY 15 SPOTS. Find out more...





JANUARY 20-22 2023

Exhausted? Tired of cooking meals? No time for nourishing your soul? Then this retreat is for you...


FEBRUARY 17-19 2023

Move through limiting beliefs and silence your inner critic while nourishing your mind and body on this women's only retreat...


MARCH 3-5 2023

Rest and restore. Connect and Create. Take time to indulge in self-care practices to balance your body, mind and soul... 



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