Why Go On A Retreat?

Why Go On A Retreat?

We live our lives by a rhythm – the background beat of work, rest, play; how we spend our days, what we prioritise and who we are being.

Much like waves in the ocean, our life’s rhythm changes regularly. With the different seasons in life we need to check in often, to see what is working and what is not. Those decisions that worked in the previous season, may not be best for our body, mind and soul balance in this new season. Taking the time out to be quiet, pause and retreat into ourselves, to assess the current rhythm of our life, is 100 per cent vital to our wellbeing.

Going on a retreat helps us to get back in touch with our values and see how they align to what we are doing and who we are being. Giving yourself the space to do this kind of check in, often requires getting away from your everyday physical environment, getting out into nature and allowing your body to open up pathways to your mind and soul. It can mean giving yourself the patience, as nature does, to listen to what your soul needs right now.

Giving yourself space is a gift in today’s time-poor world.

The custom of going on a retreat has been around for centuries. Set in tranquil, off-the-beaten-track places in the midst of nature, retreats promote our own development beyond the distractions, the fatigue and the frantic pace of everyday life.

Organised retreats have many benefits. When you save up, register and plan to join a retreat, your personal review has already started. You have, in that moment of investment, decided to make yourself – your wellbeing – the priority in your life.

The venue, the nutritious meals and the classes are all organized for you. All you need to do is turn up. Wellbeing experts guide you through holistic sessions that help you find your peace, find your balance and reconsider what counts. I once heard this referred to as ‘loitering with intent’.

At an organized retreat, the connection with other people is safe, honest and deeply gratifying. We are made to be in relationship with each other and when we share our rhythms of life with other like-minded individuals, we are inspired to be our best self. Often, we meet lifelong friends who really care about our journey and go on to be our most encouraging friends.

So are the benefits worth the investment?

It goes without saying that when we deliberately step outside of normal routine by withdrawing from the noise and pressures to be in a quiet place where all our senses are tuned in, we get to know ourselves better. We become more aware of our life’s rhythm and we invite change from the inside out.

These benefits are long-lasting. Not only to ourselves and our own lives, but to those we connect with.

When our background beat has a steady and balanced rhythm, this renewed joy and peace is of great benefit to all. At work, at home, in the community. It rubs off on everyone.

I invite you to Rest. Connect. Create at our transformational retreats for women.  It’s the best investment you can make.

Our DNA Is Created For Rhythm

Our DNA Is Created For Rhythm

Bowl of vegan Cauliflower Soup

What rhythms do you have in your life that restore you?

There are three rhythms in my life that revive my soul – rest, connection and creation.

Rhythm is all around us. From the rhythm of the tides to the rhythm of the sun setting and the moon rising, we were made to be rhythmic beings. Our heart beat, our pulse, our breathing. All in rhythm.

When we rest – truly rest in body, mind and soul – we are pursuing physical health as well as emotional and spiritual health; all that is unseen and yet so important to our whole health as a woman.

So much of our everyday life is contingent on how we feel, yet for so many of us, we walk through our days on automatic pilot.

In this rhythm of rest and restoration, we deliberately pause to identify our needs, fill ourselves up again and everything builds from that.  From a place of rest, we are energized and ready to put out into the world again. This is where the rhythm of connection comes in. Connection is all about our relational health. So many of our hurts happen within the boundaries of relationship but then, so does a lot of healing.

It is in the rhythm of connection that our soul is nourished and only then can we begin to create. When we are seen, heard and loved in the absence of shame, we go on to create beautiful things. New attitudes, new mindsets, authentic art, writing, music, dance… creation is endless. It all comes down to addressing the disconnect and finding healing by setting new rhythms so we can be our best self.

When we’re not working in rhythm we are working against our own design.

If you are overwhelmed, stressed, lonely, searching for clarity, the healing can be found in setting new rhythms. Schedule a FREE call with me and I’ll help you get started.

Mindset Makeover Luxury 3 Day Retreat

Mindset Makeover Luxury 3 Day Retreat

Mindset Makeover


Overcome limiting beliefs, silence your inner critic and learn how to reset your mindset with practical neuroscience delivered in a relatable way.

17-19 February 2023

Cowan Bay Coastal Retreat, Mahurangi

To Book, Schedule A Call Below


Limited to 5 women.

Three-Day Retreat

This retreat will be nothing short of EPIC!! The opportunity to come together in a small circle of women and shatter fears, patterns and limiting beliefs has been life-changing for many!

These weekends are so much more than basic self-care. Breathwork, movement sessions, and practical brain-based strategies to renew your mind to be fully free. 

This life-altering weekend will be made even more unforgettable, thanks to the spectacular setting of Cowan Bay Retreat, overlooking magnificent Mahurangi harbour and surrounded by native bush. 

Over the course of the weekend the three pillars of mindset renewal will be woven together and you’ll leave the weekend with tools that can create lasting improvements to your health and the way you show up in the world.

This women’s retreat is only 40 minutes from Auckland and is sure to leave you feeling balanced, calm and empowered. Known for it’s serenity, the location of this luxury retreat home is situated on a private headland with its own private jetty.

Enjoy the clear night skies from the hot spa, take a splash in the pool, stroll around the native walking track, play a game of tennis, enjoy a paddle in the kayak or find a secluded spot to curl up with a good book. The choice is yours. 

During your stay you will be treated to nourishing plant-based food and stay in a bedroom with stunning views complete with luxurious linen and eco toiletries.

If this sounds like you, then we’d love to support your mindset makeover with a healthy balance of coached sessions and free time to explore and restore. Come along and be nurtured with good food, laughable moments and beautiful healing.

Retreat Inclusions:

  • Gentle yoga daily (to suit all levels)
  • Mindfulness and meditation 
  • Mindset strategy sessions
  • Nature walks
  • Hot spa and infinity swimming pool for use at your leisure
  • Tennis court, kayaks, SUPs, library and secluded picnic spots for your enjoyment
  • Free time for reflection, relaxing or connecting with others
  • Fully catered plant-based breakfast, lunch and dinner with delicious beverages
  • Massage available on request
  • Group coaching
  • Lots of fun, laughter and connection!
  • Accommodation options available (twin share, queen)

“Retreating is about giving the world the
best of you, not what is left of you.”

Love, Amanda x  

To reserve your spot book in a call with Amanda today!

Self-Care and Healing Retreat

Self-Care and Healing Retreat

Self-Care Healing Retreat

3 – 5 March 2023

Cowan Bay Coastal Retreat, Mahurangi West

Schedule a call with Amanda to BOOK!

Limited to 5 women. Book early!

REst. connect. create.

This relaxing 3 day healing retreat is the perfect opportunity to nourish your body, mind and soul while celebrating your unique story through mind-body healing.

Surrounded in native bush, the luxurious Cowan Bay Retreat is set in a private tranquil setting – the ideal location to relax, connect with like-minded women and heal. With lots of time to just ‘be’, we have a good balance of body connection, mindful movement and helpful healing insight – giving you the chance to learn new practices to weave into your daily life.

Plant-based meals prepared by a chef top off the enchanting experience. It is truly a time for 5 special women to give themselves time and attention so they can give the world the best of themselves.


Workplace meditation

Too often we ignore what our body is telling us. This retreat is a chance to tune in to the stories and emotions stored in our body. Releasing these patterns allows you to align your body, mind and soul with who you were uniquely created to be.

Come along and be nurtured and leave feeling like you have returned home – to you.

I look forward to seeing you there! 

🤎 Amanda xx


Retreat Inclusions:

  • Gentle yoga sessions daily 
  • Healing sessions
  • Bush walking, swimming, massage, tennis, stargazing from the hot tub, paddling, curling up with a good book
  • Free time for reflection, journaling or connecting with others
  • Fully catered plant-based meals
  • Lots of fun and laughter!

Early Bird Offer!

If you would like to join us for this nourishing retreat, book before 30th November and go in the draw to win a massage!


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