Motherhood’s Essential Self-Care: Why Nurturing the Soul Is Vital for Mothers’ Well-Being

Motherhood’s Essential Self-Care: Why Nurturing the Soul Is Vital for Mothers’ Well-Being

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Hot stone massage and nailcare? Think again! This think again is coming from a certified wellness coach. 

Well, if there is any species on this planet that will help guide us closer to our real needs, it’s children. They have a way of delivering our lessons like a loud drumroll from the neighbour’s basement. Their mere presence makes a mother think twice about how she does life and what matters most.

Children play a significant role in helping mothers grow and heal. Their needs and behaviors provide mirrors that reflect aspects of a mothers personality. Her strengths, her emotional wounds and her triggers. 

Through the process of nurturing and guiding their children, mothers gain a deeper understanding of themselves. And, eventually realise the need to nurture their inner being. 

Understanding self-care and soul care

While self care focuses on the physical and mental aspects of wellness, soul care is all about nourishing one’s emotional growth and healing. It also includes improving self-awareness and taking measures to align thoughts. Additionally to align actions and behaviours with one’s core purpose and values. 

It is all about nurturing the inner world. It’s about finding meaning and purpose in one’s life, and connecting with one’s spiritual side. As a certified wellness coach, I often recommend simple things. For instance journaling, spending time in nature, and practicing gratitude. 

For me, soul care looks like taking a walk in the forest or practicing physical release therapy. Maybe doing yoga, taking a few minutes to breathe deeply and reflect on my day. These small acts of soul care help me feel more centered and connected. Ultimately, giving me a sense of purpose beyond the daily grind.

Certified wellness coach key aspects of self-care are:

  1. Self-reflection: Soul care involves taking time to reflect on one’s own behaviors and decisions. It also involves developing an awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions and inner experiences. Engaging in meaningful conversations with oneself either verbally or through journaling is a good practice. In order to separate fact from fiction and get really clear on the stories we hold, self-reflection is essential. 
  2. Emotional well being: Knowing how to identify, process and release one’s emotions is instrumental in soul care. By taking the time to manage emotions effectively is the first step. To later express them in a healthy way creates a framework for better physical and mental health. Engaging in activies that bring joy, fulfullment and emotional nourishment is key.
  3. Spiritual nourishment: Soul care recognises the spiritual dimension of human existence. It involves connecting with something greater than oneself. Spiritual practices provide solace and inspiration. With it comes a sense of purpose by connecting with activities that align with personal values and beliefs.
  4. Self-care: Prioritising activities that promote self-care include getting enough rest and eating nourishing foods. Also, engaging in regular exercise, establishing healthy boundaries in relationships. So, when the basic needs of the body and mind are met, it creates a foundation for soul care. 
  5. Authenticity and self-acceptance: Celebrating ones’ strengths, weaknesses, passions and unique qualities is a major part of embracing soul care. Just as important is the ability to cultivate self-compassion and forgiveness towards oneself. Knowing how to show up as the truest version of oneself is a marker of good emotional health.
  6. Cultivating meaningful connections: Surrounding oneself with individuals who uplift your soul is integral to soul care. By fostering deep connections, the human need for community, compassion and love is met.

The takeaway

As a certified wellness coach for mums, I encourage mothers to remain curious about their own soul care. Soul care is deeply personal. We all hold different wounds and we all have a unique nervous system. Likewise, each human’s needs and passions are unique to them. 

It can be very tempting to get caught up in the practical side of wellness and forget to nurture your inner self, but children soon remind us. 

Also, being a certified wellness coach, I’ve seen firsthand how we get triggered by our children. Not in one but in many different ways. 

When a mother commits to tending to the innermost aspects of herself, she is able to show up calm, emotionally grounded and feel joy, fulfillment and ease on her motherhood journey. Soul care is truly transformative.

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The Power of Somatic Healing: Integrating the Body and Mind for a Mothers’ Emotional Well-being

The Power of Somatic Healing: Integrating the Body and Mind for a Mothers’ Emotional Well-being

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Information is not transformation. We can read all the parenting books, listen to daily healing podcasts and spend hundreds of hours in talk therapy. 

None of this guarantees permanent change. I’m talking change that disrupts our patterns, flicks the switch in our brain and has us showing up as the most healed and truest form of ourselves. At the deepest level, all mothers want their children to grow up with emotional resilience and strong self-worth. That’s why mother’s choose to focus on their own emotional healing first. 

When any human has areas in their lives where they feel stuck, ashamed, exhausted or life is not playing out as they would like, taking a holistic approach may be the pathway to their healing. Being a certified wellness coach I have the honour of introducing a holistic healing approach to women and couples where the transformation comes from integration, not information.

In the realm of holistic healing, a growing body of evidence points to the profound interconnection between our physical bodies and emotional well-being. Studies show that 90% of our physical issues are related to our emotional state. By addressing the interconnectedness of our body and mind, somatic healing offers a transformative path to healing deep emotional wounds. 

Somatic healing (soma = body)  focuses on the body’s wisdom and innate ability to heal. In the medical field somatic healing is gaining recognition for its integral role in promoting emotional health. 

Understanding Somatic Healing:

Somatic healing recognizes that our bodies carry within them the imprints of our experiences, both positive and negative. It acknowledges that emotional and psychological traumas can become lodged in our physical form, manifesting as chronic pain, tension, or discomfort. As a certified wellness coach I share somatic healing approaches to help clients release these stored emotions by engaging the body’s wisdom in a gentle and compassionate manner. For mothers, this is particularly helpful when children are taking on our patterns, our tone and our belief systems. Having the ability to tap into stored emotions and use the somatic prracises to release them, is an valued approach in motherhood.

The Mind-Body Connection:

The mind and body are inextricably linked. The mind gives feedback to the body and in a continuous loop, the body influences the mind. With this in mind, our emotions can profoundly affect our physical well-being, and conversely, the state of our bodies can impact our emotional state. Somatic healing recognizes this intricate relationship and aims to create harmony between the two. As a qualified mind body practitioner, I support women to work through the body to access and release deep-seated emotional patterns, fostering profound healing on multiple levels.

Releasing Trauma and Emotional Wounds:

In my practice, I use somatic healing to provide a safe space for women to explore and process unresolved traumas and emotional wounds. Through bodywork, breathwork, voice release work and movement, I guide women to connect with their bodies and access the stored emotions that are affecting their moods, energy, behaviour and physical body. By engaging with bodily sensations, memories, and emotions, healing occurs at a fundamental level. The result is a sense of release and empowerment. Women go on to be more confident, more joyful and more in charge of their motherhood journey.

Unleashing the Body’s Wisdom: 

Our bodies possess an innate wisdom that goes beyond the realms of conscious thought. Somatic healing practices tap into this innate intelligence, allowing the body to guide the healing process. In my role as a mind body mentor, I help women cultivate mindfulness and attunement to bodily sensations. I see first hand how individuals learn to trust the wisdom of their bodies and develop a deeper understanding of their emotions. This embodied awareness promotes self-regulation and empowers individuals to navigate life and motherhood, in particular, with greater resilience and ease.

Restoring the Nervous System:

Traumatic experiences can leave a lasting impact on our nervous system, leading to chronic stress and anxiety. Somatic healing works directly with the nervous system, helping to restore balance and regulation. By engaging in practices such as grounding exercises, regulated breathing, and gentle movement, individuals can cultivate a sense of safety to restore the nervous system back to a state of relaxation.

Being Present:

Somatic healing encourages individuals to be fully present in their bodies and the present moment. As a mother’s mentor, the greatest cry I hear is that women want to be more present for their children. Through grounding practices like body scans and somatic experiencing, mothers develop an ability to connect deeply with their emotions and fears, which invites space and clearing to be fully present. They also foster self-compassion which provides a pathway to respond to life’s challenges from a place of centeredness.

Integrating Somatic Healing into Daily Life:

Somatic healing is not limited to therapy sessions; it is a way of life. On the Soul Legacy Program, my immersive 4 month journey for women, we integrate somatic practices into our daily routines. From the moment they wake, women have the opportnitiy to include mini rituals into their day regardless of how many children they have at home. While traditional approaches often focus solely on addressing psychological and cognitive aspects, somatic healing supports individuals to become their own healers. 

Healing the Inner Child: Why it matters to mothers

Healing the Inner Child: Why it matters to mothers

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The inner child refers to the part of ourselves that retains the memories, emotions and beliefs from our childhood experiences. These experiences can have a significant impact on our adult behaviour; our relationships, self-esteem and overall wellbeing. This is particularly true for mothers who often carry the weight of their childhood experiences while raising children. Healing the beliefs carried over from childhood can be achieved with the help of a certified wellness coach.

Why does healing the inner child matter: certified wellness coach opinion

Your life as a child ends up shaping your beliefs, perceptions and attitudes towards ourselves, others and the world around us. Negative experiences and emotional wounds and trauma can create deep seated emotional patterns. Or simply not feeling seen or heard continue to affect our behaviour and our emotional responses in adulthood.

For mothers, this can have a profound impact on their parenting style. It also impacts their ability to form healthy relationships and navigate all of life’s challenges. As a mother, you’re juggling a lot. You’re meeting the physical, emotional, mental and energetic demands of your family. The work rolls over from one day to the next. Daily challenges are the norm.

From my observations as a certified wellness coach for mothers, when women don’t listen to the inner child and express what they truly need, they become angry and resentful.

By healing the inner child mothers can break free from emotional patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding them back. When we heal, we increase self-awareness, self- acceptance and emotional resilience.

In cases where no serious trauma occurred, there are still shadows that we need to illuminate and integrate. These may include harsh judgment towards yourself or others. Often it can be insecurities or self-sabotaging tendencies. We all have these shadows. Until we bring the shadow to light, process it, and integrate it, we tend to keep repeating the patterns in the course of our lifetime.

Take a child who grows up in a household with busy working parents or parents preoccupied with their own stresses (like divorce) who were not emotionally available. This child may struggle to form healthy relationships as adults. Similarly, a child who wasn’t allowed to express emotions and was told to ‘suck it up’ may go on become adults with low self-esteem and depression.

Childhood experiences can also impact our emotional regulation including our ability to manage stress and cope with change and challenge. In my role as motherhood support I help mothers learn to regulate their own emotions so they have the ability and capacity to help their children regulate too.

How to Heal the Inner Child

  1. Healing the inner child involves acknowledging and processing emotional wounds that have shaped your beliefs.
  2. It requires a good dose of self-compassion. Always take it slow and be kind to yourself.
  3. Seek support from a certified wellness coach or therapist who can gently take you through the process
  4. Make time to connect with your inner child through activities like journaling, creative expression or spending time in nature.
  5. Connecting to your inner child means listening to her needs and emotions. Your inner child wants to be seen, heard, and supported. This can involve visualisations and guided meditations.

Life always finds a way to teach us the lessons we need to learn, but we can choose to grow and heal before we go through a crisis.There are no perfect mothers out there but by healing the inner child, mothers can achieve emotional healing and growth to show up as the best mother they can be.

Inner child healing is part of The Soul Legacy Program for Mothers. If you need support in your healing journey, reach out.

Choose The Diamond

Choose The Diamond

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Where our attention goes, our energy flows.

Let’s take a good look at what’s getting our attention. Are there things and people in your life that are zapping your time, energy and love?

It’s a good question to ask ourselves because for every yes, there is a no.

Anytime you say yes to someone or something, you say no to something valuable like;

Spending quality time with loved ones

Having energy for things you enjoy

Having time to prepare good meals

Having space to just be.

When deciding where our attention goes, it pays to distinguish between the shiny things and the diamond.

Too often, shiny things become a habit of nature. When we continually jump in to help out (or rescue) we can do people a disservice. It robs them of the chance to find a solution themselves and be empowered by their own independence and resilience. We also rob other people of the opportunity to step up. If we are the ones who always offer our time and energy, there is no space for other people to show up and display their generosity.

“Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously.” Prentice Hemphill

But saying NO doesn’t come easy to all of us. Next time, try using these simple phrases:

Sorry, I have other tasks to do today.

Not this time but do ask me again in the future.

Helping is what I love to do, but I have another commitment.

Boundaries don’t always involve another person. We need to set boundaries with ourselves too.

Have a think about these:

  • Not answering work calls on your day off
  • Taking a lunch break
  • Stop eating when you’re full
  • Going to sleep when you’re tired
  • Leaving the phone behind when you workout
  • Saying yes to what lights you up and no to what is draining you

What kind of boundaries will you set for yourself in this current season?

Why Go On A Retreat?

Why Go On A Retreat?

We live our lives by a rhythm – the background beat of work, rest, play; how we spend our days, what we prioritise and who we are being.

Much like waves in the ocean, our life’s rhythm changes regularly. With the different seasons in life we need to check in often, to see what is working and what is not. Those decisions that worked in the previous season, may not be best for our body, mind and soul balance in this new season. Taking the time out to be quiet, pause and retreat into ourselves, to assess the current rhythm of our life, is 100 per cent vital to our wellbeing.

Going on a retreat helps us to get back in touch with our values and see how they align to what we are doing and who we are being. Giving yourself the space to do this kind of check in, often requires getting away from your everyday physical environment, getting out into nature and allowing your body to open up pathways to your mind and soul. It can mean giving yourself the patience, as nature does, to listen to what your soul needs right now.

Giving yourself space is a gift in today’s time-poor world.

The custom of going on a retreat has been around for centuries. Set in tranquil, off-the-beaten-track places in the midst of nature, retreats promote our own development beyond the distractions, the fatigue and the frantic pace of everyday life.

Organised retreats have many benefits. When you save up, register and plan to join a retreat, your personal review has already started. You have, in that moment of investment, decided to make yourself – your wellbeing – the priority in your life.

The venue, the nutritious meals and the classes are all organized for you. All you need to do is turn up. Wellbeing experts guide you through holistic sessions that help you find your peace, find your balance and reconsider what counts. I once heard this referred to as ‘loitering with intent’.

At an organized retreat, the connection with other people is safe, honest and deeply gratifying. We are made to be in relationship with each other and when we share our rhythms of life with other like-minded individuals, we are inspired to be our best self. Often, we meet lifelong friends who really care about our journey and go on to be our most encouraging friends.

So are the benefits worth the investment?

It goes without saying that when we deliberately step outside of normal routine by withdrawing from the noise and pressures to be in a quiet place where all our senses are tuned in, we get to know ourselves better. We become more aware of our life’s rhythm and we invite change from the inside out.

These benefits are long-lasting. Not only to ourselves and our own lives, but to those we connect with.

When our background beat has a steady and balanced rhythm, this renewed joy and peace is of great benefit to all. At work, at home, in the community. It rubs off on everyone.

I invite you to Rest. Connect. Create at our transformational retreats for women. It’s the best investment you can make.

Living From The Inside-Out

Living From The Inside-Out

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Peeling away our layers, to discover who we are at our core, can be uncomfortable and scary.

The layers of fear and judgement can be all that we know. They help us operate as we are today. But when we peel away these layers (stored emotions, beliefs, stories), we come to a renewed place of trust and love for ourselves and others.

When we were born, our mind was like computer hardware beginning to take on what we saw and heard around us.

As we aged, we continued to download software (information, beliefs, experiences) from parents, friends, family, media. Our minds have kept filling up with core data which has created a lens for us to see the world through.

Sometimes, these old stories and beliefs that we hold onto are quite simply – lies.

They can take up a lot of space in our life and they become us. The journey to discovering ourselves is about letting go of the “software” (the blocks) that prevent us from being present to the loving person we are. These stories prevent us from being filled with wonder and gratitude.

When we practice mindfulness, we are not taking on the job of fixing ourselves – mending our thoughts to better conform with those long-running beliefs we’ve come to know as truths.

Instead, by being mindful, we are peeling back what’s on the surface; we go inside, we are in the present (void of any past thoughts, future worries or planning) and we start to live from the inside-out rather than the outside-in.

We gain the ability to let go and breathe and connect to who we really are. In what ways are your long-held beliefs and stored emotions holding you back?

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Healthy Hormones

Healthy Hormones

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Whenever my energy takes a dive or my body feels out of balance, I pause. Then I take a look at my lifestyle and ask myself: What can I modify?

– Sleep, stress, diet, exercise, spiritual health?


Nutrition has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Studying nutrition didn’t stop once I received my qualifications. I continue to research and learn and I love helping others to find a sustainable approach to aligning their diet and lifestyle.

This month I’m taking on board my own learnings and increasing my intake of broccoli and brussels sprouts – the B team!

Both are in season and help immensely during peri-menopause. The B team are the cruciferous connection to healthy hormone metabolism. These plants, cultivated for centuries and originally used as medicines, contain an active ingredient known as DIM.

DIM affects estrogen metabolism in the body, breaking it down into healthy metabolites. Unhealthy metabolites cause estrogen to activate heavy periods, weight gain, mood swings, depression, low thyroid symptoms, and greater risks for cancers. The B team help rid the body of unsafe hormone build up.

By eating plenty of cruciferous vegetables; baked, sauteed, or lightly steamed to retain their natural fiber, you will notice a considerable difference in the balance of your hormones. Try steamed brussels sprouts with sea salt or with onions and garlic. Tonight I whipped up a stir-fry with the B team sprinkled in tamari sauce. Delectable!

For more information on whole-being nutrition or our menopause health courses, get in touch with Amanda.

“I loved the workshop – I am now seeing life through a menopause lens and it’s been good to make that adaption.” Brenda, Auckland

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An interactive webinar to help you understand your menopause journey, why our hormones behave a certain way and what we can do about it. learn more here.


How to Escape Hustle Culture

How to Escape Hustle Culture

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It’s not enough.

If you don’t hear these words daily, you certainly feel it.

In our hustle culture, we get sent messages all the time that there needs to be more activity, we need to take every opportunity, we need to hustle to get ahead. What is this causing us to be? What impact is this having on our mental and physical health?

As women, we put this pressure on ourselves in our career, our family life, our fitness as if we are not enough just as we are. We know we’re hustling. We know we’re stretching ourselves and we know we should stop the cycle for our health’s sake, YET we can’t seem to change it.

Here’s the thing my friend, we are not meant to go and go and go. As humans we have been designed to rest. So then what keeps us in this cycle of hustle?


Deep rooted broken soundtracks.

And that is why it’s not enough to just introduce new habits.

Creating habits is just the outer layer. When you get to the core soundtracks in your brain that are running the show, only then can the pattern be fixed. When you activate powerful brain science and change your brain at its sub conscious level, your ability to live outside of the hustle culture becomes real.

But have compassion on yourself! This hustle cycle is normal – the world wants us to overachieve. It wants us to stay stuck in hustle – achieving and performing, doing more, being more, getting more. Instead, we have to be willing to be counter-culture and put our emotional, physical and mental health first.

Headaches are my alarm. They are my reminder that I’ve been stressing about something. So I make a point to stop and ask myself; What is hustling achieving? How is this making me feel good about myself?

When you’re wired to achieve, it’s hard to change. From one type A to another, I hear you! But getting to the root of the forces driving the hustle is gold. Using the thought transformation method, you learn how you’re contributing to your own issues and you work out what stories you’re telling yourself, that are not lining up with your core values.

What is it that you need to do, to step away from this hustle and find rest and peace and abundant life?

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Our DNA Is Created For Rhythm

Our DNA Is Created For Rhythm

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What rhythms do you have in your life that restore you?

There are three rhythms in my life that revive my soul – rest, connection and creation.

Rhythm is all around us. From the rhythm of the tides to the rhythm of the sun setting and the moon rising, we were made to be rhythmic beings. Our heart beat, our pulse, our breathing. All in rhythm.

When we rest – truly rest in body, mind and soul – we are pursuing physical health as well as emotional and spiritual health; all that is unseen and yet so important to our whole health as a woman.

So much of our everyday life is contingent on how we feel, yet for so many of us, we walk through our days on automatic pilot.

In this rhythm of rest and restoration, we deliberately pause to identify our needs, fill ourselves up again and everything builds from that. From a place of rest, we are energized and ready to put out into the world again. This is where the rhythm of connection comes in. Connection is all about our relational health. So many of our hurts happen within the boundaries of relationship but then, so does a lot of healing.

It is in the rhythm of connection that our soul is nourished and only then can we begin to create. When we are seen, heard and loved in the absence of shame, we go on to create beautiful things. New attitudes, new mindsets, authentic art, writing, music, dance… creation is endless. It all comes down to addressing the disconnect and finding healing by setting new rhythms so we can be our best self.

When we’re not working in rhythm we are working against our own design.

If you are overwhelmed, stressed, lonely, searching for clarity, the healing can be found in setting new rhythms. Schedule a FREE call with me and I’ll help you get started.