Empowered Daughter Course

Turning your Mother Wound into a

Sacred Scar

that you carry with Purpose and Pride

A powerful self-paced program to FOR WOMEN to heal the mother wound/father wound

Facing the Mother Wound moves you away from painful dynamics and helps you heal, not only for yourself, but for the next generation too…


  • 1:1 connection call to get expert coaching and all your questions answered
  • Six self-paced modules (videos) that provide you with a roadmap to healing gently
  • Lifetime access to the learning modules
  • Lifetime access to the Facebook Support Group
  • Cost: $300 USD
  • (Only $250 for women who have participated in any BodyMindSoul retreats or programs)
  • Most importantly, you get a roadmap to healing gently so you can show up as the strong, confident and emotionally healthy woman you know you can be!

How It Works:

With beauty, grace and compassion, this journey of healing allows us to embrace our wound, our sorrow, our anger, our grief, our disappointment, and it allows us to honour our history and make known to ourselves the weight of the wounds that our parents carried.

At your own pace, you view the videos and do the suggested journalling. Over the course of a month, you jump on two zoom calls. This is where you can get your questions answered and receive high-quality coaching with mind-body expert Amanda McKay.

    • what is covered:

    • What the mother wound means
    • How it impacts our daily lives; specific to you
    • What is your unique attachment style and how it plays out in your relationships (this is GOLD!)
    • Ancestral mother wound
    • Six steps to healing gently and gracefully
    • Dealing with triggers and setbacks
    • How to communicate with the unhealed in your life
    • Safe and nurturing support on the calls

this course is for You if you:

Have access to the financial resources

✅ Have a computer or phone to view the modules

✅ Are ready to heal deeply

✅ Can respect healthy boundaries

The most beautiful healing journey...

Join a sisterhood of women healing their mother wound

Life-time access to the course ONLY $300