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The inner child refers to the part of ourselves that retains the memories, emotions and beliefs from our childhood experiences. These experiences can have a significant impact on our adult behaviour; our relationships, self-esteem and overall wellbeing. This is particularly true for mothers who often carry the weight of their childhood experiences while raising children. Healing the beliefs carried over from childhood can be achieved with the help of a certified wellness coach.

Why does healing the inner child matter: certified wellness coach opinion

Your life as a child ends up shaping your beliefs, perceptions and attitudes towards ourselves, others and the world around us. Negative experiences and emotional wounds and trauma can create deep seated emotional patterns. Or simply not feeling seen or heard continue to affect our behaviour and our emotional responses in adulthood.

For mothers, this can have a profound impact on their parenting style. It also impacts their ability to form healthy relationships and navigate all of life’s challenges. As a mother, you’re juggling a lot. You’re meeting the physical, emotional, mental and energetic demands of your family. The work rolls over from one day to the next. Daily challenges are the norm.

From my observations as a certified wellness coach for mothers, when women don’t listen to the inner child and express what they truly need, they become angry and resentful.

By healing the inner child mothers can break free from emotional patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding them back. When we heal, we increase self-awareness, self- acceptance and emotional resilience.

In cases where no serious trauma occurred, there are still shadows that we need to illuminate and integrate. These may include harsh judgment towards yourself or others. Often it can be insecurities or self-sabotaging tendencies. We all have these shadows. Until we bring the shadow to light, process it, and integrate it, we tend to keep repeating the patterns in the course of our lifetime.

Take a child who grows up in a household with busy working parents or parents preoccupied with their own stresses (like divorce) who were not emotionally available. This child may struggle to form healthy relationships as adults. Similarly, a child who wasn’t allowed to express emotions and was told to ‘suck it up’ may go on become adults with low self-esteem and depression.

Childhood experiences can also impact our emotional regulation including our ability to manage stress and cope with change and challenge. In my role as motherhood support I help mothers learn to regulate their own emotions so they have the ability and capacity to help their children regulate too.

How to Heal the Inner Child

  1. Healing the inner child involves acknowledging and processing emotional wounds that have shaped your beliefs.
  2. It requires a good dose of self-compassion. Always take it slow and be kind to yourself.
  3. Seek support from a certified wellness coach or therapist who can gently take you through the process
  4. Make time to connect with your inner child through activities like journaling, creative expression or spending time in nature.
  5. Connecting to your inner child means listening to her needs and emotions. Your inner child wants to be seen, heard, and supported. This can involve visualisations and guided meditations.

Life always finds a way to teach us the lessons we need to learn, but we can choose to grow and heal before we go through a crisis.There are no perfect mothers out there but by healing the inner child, mothers can achieve emotional healing and growth to show up as the best mother they can be.

Inner child healing is part of The Soul Legacy Program for Mothers. If you need support in your healing journey, reach out.