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Living From The Inside-Out

Amanda McKay

The layers of fear and judgement can be all that we know. They help us operate as we are today. But when we peel away these layers (stored emotions, beliefs, stories), we come to a renewed place of trust and love for ourselves and others.

When we were born, our mind was like computer hardware beginning to take on what we saw and heard around us.

As we aged, we continued to download software (information, beliefs, experiences) from parents, friends, family, media. Our minds have kept filling up with core data which has created a lens for us to see the world through.

Sometimes, these old stories and beliefs that we hold onto are quite simply – lies.

They can take up a lot of space in our life and they become us. The journey to discovering ourselves is about letting go of the “software” (the blocks) that prevent us from being present to the loving person we are. These stories prevent us from being filled with wonder and gratitude.

When we practice mindfulness, we are not taking on the job of fixing ourselves – mending our thoughts to better conform with those long-running beliefs we’ve come to know as truths.

Instead, by being mindful, we are peeling back what’s on the surface; we go inside, we are in the present (void of any past thoughts, future worries or planning) and we start to live from the inside-out rather than the outside-in.

We gain the ability to let go and breathe and connect to who we really are. In what ways are your long-held beliefs and stored emotions holding you back?

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