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Hot stone massage and nailcare? Think again! This think again is coming from a certified wellness coach. 

Well, if there is any species on this planet that will help guide us closer to our real needs, it’s children. They have a way of delivering our lessons like a loud drumroll from the neighbour’s basement. Their mere presence makes a mother think twice about how she does life and what matters most.

Children play a significant role in helping mothers grow and heal. Their needs and behaviors provide mirrors that reflect aspects of a mothers personality. Her strengths, her emotional wounds and her triggers. 

Through the process of nurturing and guiding their children, mothers gain a deeper understanding of themselves. And, eventually realise the need to nurture their inner being. 

Understanding self-care and soul care

While self care focuses on the physical and mental aspects of wellness, soul care is all about nourishing one’s emotional growth and healing. It also includes improving self-awareness and taking measures to align thoughts. Additionally to align actions and behaviours with one’s core purpose and values. 

It is all about nurturing the inner world. It’s about finding meaning and purpose in one’s life, and connecting with one’s spiritual side. As a certified wellness coach, I often recommend simple things. For instance journaling, spending time in nature, and practicing gratitude. 

For me, soul care looks like taking a walk in the forest or practicing physical release therapy. Maybe doing yoga, taking a few minutes to breathe deeply and reflect on my day. These small acts of soul care help me feel more centered and connected. Ultimately, giving me a sense of purpose beyond the daily grind.

Certified wellness coach key aspects of self-care are:

  1. Self-reflection: Soul care involves taking time to reflect on one’s own behaviors and decisions. It also involves developing an awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions and inner experiences. Engaging in meaningful conversations with oneself either verbally or through journaling is a good practice. In order to separate fact from fiction and get really clear on the stories we hold, self-reflection is essential. 
  2. Emotional well being: Knowing how to identify, process and release one’s emotions is instrumental in soul care. By taking the time to manage emotions effectively is the first step. To later express them in a healthy way creates a framework for better physical and mental health. Engaging in activies that bring joy, fulfullment and emotional nourishment is key.
  3. Spiritual nourishment: Soul care recognises the spiritual dimension of human existence. It involves connecting with something greater than oneself. Spiritual practices provide solace and inspiration. With it comes a sense of purpose by connecting with activities that align with personal values and beliefs.
  4. Self-care: Prioritising activities that promote self-care include getting enough rest and eating nourishing foods. Also, engaging in regular exercise, establishing healthy boundaries in relationships. So, when the basic needs of the body and mind are met, it creates a foundation for soul care. 
  5. Authenticity and self-acceptance: Celebrating ones’ strengths, weaknesses, passions and unique qualities is a major part of embracing soul care. Just as important is the ability to cultivate self-compassion and forgiveness towards oneself. Knowing how to show up as the truest version of oneself is a marker of good emotional health.
  6. Cultivating meaningful connections: Surrounding oneself with individuals who uplift your soul is integral to soul care. By fostering deep connections, the human need for community, compassion and love is met.

The takeaway

As a certified wellness coach for mums, I encourage mothers to remain curious about their own soul care. Soul care is deeply personal. We all hold different wounds and we all have a unique nervous system. Likewise, each human’s needs and passions are unique to them. 

It can be very tempting to get caught up in the practical side of wellness and forget to nurture your inner self, but children soon remind us. 

Also, being a certified wellness coach, I’ve seen firsthand how we get triggered by our children. Not in one but in many different ways. 

When a mother commits to tending to the innermost aspects of herself, she is able to show up calm, emotionally grounded and feel joy, fulfillment and ease on her motherhood journey. Soul care is truly transformative.

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