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How I can help you

The different ways to work with me

Soul Legacy Program

Go from reactive to radically present. This is my signature 4-month group experience for mothers who want to be equipped to eliminate reactivity and build an unbreakable bond with their children.

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1:1 Coaching

Need a mentor in your back pocket? Work with me in private 1:1 coaching. We help you heal any persistent patterns that are keeping you stuck in reactivity, stress, anger, anxiety or overwhelm.

Masterclass Workshops

Join me for this interactive live training on how to go from being reactive to calm while building an unbreakable bond with your child


Get the 75 Day Card Deck to Elevate your Emotional Health

$50 per tin

This 100% unique toolkit of beautifully designed cards helps you navigate the complex terrain of your inner world. Full of wisdom and science-backed tips, you will be shown exactly how to upgrade your mindset, embrace your emotions and start living life from your soul. Flip a card each day to tap into the secrets of your body, mind and soul.

Real women, real results

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“I had done parenting programs in the past but they never dealt with me, and the reasons why I respond the way I do.”



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