Elevate Your Emotional Health

Be calm and emotionally grounded consistently

So You Don’t

Pass On Patterns Of Hurt To Your Children


The 6 Essential Steps to Build a Deep Lasting Connection With Your Child (that nobody tells you about!)

Does this sound like you?

☝🏻 You are triggered by your kids’ behaviour

☝🏻 You want to stop shouting and snapping at your kids (and feeling guilty afterward)

☝🏻 You want to be calmer and more patient in the moment but just don’t know how to change

☝🏻 You are not sure how to process your own emotions and theirs.

☝🏻 You’re tired of just surviving. You want to be more fun, energetic and have more ease in your motherhood journey

☝🏻 You want to parent differently than you were parented

☝🏻 You want to end the cycle of emotional patterns passed down to you.

☝🏻 You want to build a strong, lasting connection with your children

☝🏻 You are fed up with going it alone and want support, practical tools and a safe place to grow and heal



If you’re thinking ‘That’s me!” You’re in the right place.


please know that you’re not alone!

I have worked with hundreds of mothers who’ve also experienced these patterns above. They too thought they wouldn’t be able to follow through to show up consistently calm and emotionally grounded.

But with the right guidance and support, they have succeeded in breaking the cycles of anger, frustration, guilt and shame

AND build a deeper connection with their children.

And I know you can too.

You just need to be shown the path.

For our children to walk the world with a strong sense of self-worth and emotional resilience, we need to walk the world in the same way.

It starts with you, Beautiful Mama

The Soul Legacy Program is designed

especially for mothers

Here’s how it works:



🀎 4 months of deep dive coaching calls to keep you on track and supported with love.

🀎 Recording of all sessions in case you miss it.




🀎 Step-by-step resources and video trainings giving you the tools to free yourself from overwhelm using the unique S.O.A.R Method to process and release stored emotions

🀎 I deliver short bite-sized videos to fit into your full schedule - just 15 mins a week.

🀎 Designed especially for busy mums!



🀎 We have a small, safe and supportive community of like-minded women

🀎 Share your journey and get answers to your questions in this uplifting group chat of women in your corner




watch the video testimonials below…

we grow in connection with others


The power of healing together is what humans are designed for. In a safe and non-judgmental space, you will grow together with a small group of like-minded mothers wanting the same results you desire; calm, connection and healing.

Our sisterhood is a compassionate space that allows you to bring your challenges and vulnerabilities so you can feel heard and supported. These women go on to become lifelong friends.

This is not a parenting course but your own healing journey of growth toward rich emotional health. In the Soul Legacy program, you learn to regulate your nervous system, process and release your emotions, and learn to respond from a place of truth, not fear.

Choosing to invest in your own emotional growth is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your children.

“You can’t put a price on this. If I could, I would get everyone I know to do this program. I have tried lots of things, but this is the one thing that worked and truly stuck. The best money I’ve ever spent.” Yolandi, client

On the Soul Legacy Program You Will:

Brown check mark 11 icon - Free brown check mark icons Change your emotive reactions and be more grounded

Brown check mark 11 icon - Free brown check mark icons Learn about your unique nervous system and those of your children

Brown check mark 11 icon - Free brown check mark icons Be able to identify, process and release stored emotions and transform unhealthy patterns from the past

Brown check mark 11 icon - Free brown check mark icons Rewire your neural pathways to reset a new default for lasting change

Brown check mark 11 icon - Free brown check mark icons Access somatic tools to feel in control and more relaxed

Brown check mark 11 icon - Free brown check mark icons Bring yourself home to your body and make rational decisions from your intuition

Brown check mark 11 icon - Free brown check mark icons Learn empowered communication to deepen your connection and compassion

Brown check mark 11 icon - Free brown check mark icons Show up as the mum you want to be and leave a SOUL LEGACY you are proud of


Investing in your own growth is the best investment you will ever make. But I know may have some questions β€” does this program work? Will it work for me?

Your concerns are completely valid and I want you to feel safe and reassured as you begin your journey to elevate your emotional health and pass on those healthy patterns to your children.

So I’m making this investment risk-free.

If after completing the calls and the modules you don’t notice any improvement, then send an email and let us know why it’s not been satisfactory and you will receive a full 100% refund.


What happens once I enroll?

Once you’ve spoken with Amanda and reserved your spot, you’ll receive an email with your login details and have instant access to your first module. You will also receive access to the exclusive Facebook community where your weekly call link is posted, along with inspiration, accountability and non-judgmental support.

Is this program for any woman?

This mentorship is for any woman who wants to emotionally grow and experience a drastic improvement in all areas and relationships in her life using the mind-body connection.

What if I can't attend the live calls?

All calls are recorded and provided for replay.

Will I still have access to the program after it's over?

Yes, you will have access to the learning modules forever.

How do I get the most out of the program?

Come to all the sessions, and block time in your day to integrate the tools and strategies. This mentorship goes beyond consuming content, it’s what you do with the knowledge that will make the difference in your motherhood journey.

Do you guarantee I'll get results?

I have helped hundreds of mothers from all walks of life (different backgrounds & nationalities) to build a strong foundation of emotional health for themselves and their children. However, your success is your responsibility and as long as you integrate the tools, are coachable, and long to be held accountable, then you will experience great success.

What if it doesn't work for me? Can I get a refund?

I’m making this investment risk-free. If you have completed all the modules and attended all the coaching calls, but still feel dissatisfied with the program, send me an email with your feedback and you will receive a refund.

Do you do 1:1? What's the difference?

I have 2 x 1:1 spots available each semester. You can apply by emailing amandamckaynz@gmail.comΒ During 1:1, you will receive the same content and high-level coaching, but I’m unable to provide the group magic that comes with growing in community.

Can I make a payment plan?

Absolutely. A deposit of $500 confirms your spot then you can do 4 installments over the course of the 4 month mentorship.