To Nourish Their Souls



1 – 5pm Auckland-based

Half-Day Retreat: $144 pp

Includes light snacks and drinks.

???? A gentle healing retreat where you discover the power of the mind-body connection and how you can apply it to your mothering journey.

???? This retreat is designed with relaxing rituals to reveal a calm and emotionally balanced version of yourself.


???? Experience unique healing tools to drop you back into your body and clearly hear your intuition.

???? When we make time to master our emotional health, the cracks of daily overwhelm are no longer responses that are passed down to our children.

???? In this uplifting retreat you will discover the signs of unhealed wounds that are impacting your motherhood journey.

???? It is a day where light bulbs go off, awareness increases and beautiful growth occurs.

???? Join Amanda, as we hold space for this group of women together, to transform our experience of motherhood.

If we want our children to walk the world with a strong sense of worth, we must first walk the world in this way ourselves.

Limited spots available

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In this retreat you will:

  • Recognize your emotional wounds and how it impacts motherhood
  • Understand unhealthy coping mechanisms when your emotions get hijacked
  • The secret to experiencing ultimate self-care and emotional maturity
  • Steps you can take to avoid repeating the cycle of unhealthy patterns with your children

Is this for you?


  • Are you ready to be free from emotional reactivity, chaos and overwhelm?
  • Do you want to end the stress cycle and not pass it onto your children?
  • Do you invest in yourself and understand the value of this work?
  • Would you like to enjoy an afternoon of growth and relaxation with a tribe of like-minded women?



???? Amanda