Body Mind Soul

was developed with a desire to empower women to effectively communicate from a renewed awareness, compassion and purpose. Our coaching and retreats hold space for women to become their best self.


Who Are We?

Clancy and Amanda come from backgrounds in health and wellbeing, mindfulness and meditation, nutrition, dance, yoga and fitness. Having spent the last two decades both in continuous study and managing retreats, events and workshops individually, they decided to come together and combine their skills, passion and purpose.

Amanda McKay

Amanda’s passion is people. She loves to uplift and inspire individuals to experience a rich connection with themselves, with others and the world. She wants you to live a life where you can be who you were created to be. Amanda brings qualifications and experience in the areas of communication studies, nutrition, yoga, dance, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, TV production and journalism.

Professional yet relatable, Amanda is a warm and natural presenter who infuses energy and playfulness into her workshops and retreats.

Clancy Simmonds

Clancy’s career began as a trained professional dancer. Her love of fitness and health led her to study and teach Yoga, qualify as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist, certify in Natural Therapies then train as an Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Facilitator.

For 15 years Clancy has specialised in facilitating workshops, leading retreats and individual coaching to hundreds of participants around New Zealand and Australia in the areas of Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing.

So Much Fun!


“The retreat was so much fun. Amanda and Clancy are amazing presenters, changing your outlook and perception on many everyday situations. Would highly recommend their retreats.”

Liz Evans


“Amanda and Clancy are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and share their gifts and knowledge with others. Lots of great information and insights I can use in my everyday life.”

Marni Otway

Our attention to evidence-based content, creativity and quality experiences engages our clients and creates a memorable experience.

“My unique methodology as a Mindfulness and Wellbeing Coach is to empower people to make positive changes in their lives. I work within the trinitarian approach of balancing the body, mind and soul of an individual, assisting them to work through the mental and emotional blocks that keep them from living a life full of health, vitality, and happiness, and living a life they love.”

Clancy Simmonds

Wellness Coach

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