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some amazing mamas

See what others say about their experience inside the Soul Legacy program


A Better Place

J Hill said...

“It’s been such a beautiful journey. It’s not easy sitting with emotions but it is so good to do this little journey and show up for myself. Why not just dig deep and get the skills for the rest of your journey here on Earth?! I’m in such a better place now.”

Like a Lifeline

Some beautiful words from Chayse after completing the Soul Legacy Program. She is a mum, previously burnt out by responsibilities.

“I had done parenting programs in the past but they never dealt with me, and the reasons why I respond the way I do. I guess these other programs did not work because there was no interchange that had a meaningful, lasting effect. When I am feeling flustered or frustrated, the tools you share really help me. I wanted to be shown a path, and this has been a lifeline. The Soul Legacy program is priceless, you can’t put a price on it!”

My Safety Net

For A. Hunter, Amanda provided a safety net.

“I love your approach. All of your coaching still has an impact on me, regardless of whether it was in the moment or not. You provide a safety net and I love that you are not afraid to challenge and drill down into those root causes. I think all women need to invest in themselves and that is the key takeaway “invest in yourself”. It’s up to us to take the reins.”

A mom's power

Ra-Ana had a mastectomy and was undergoing radiation when she started the Soul Legacy Program…

“I realised why I got breast cancer… I hadn’t learned to heal my emotional wounds and to listen to my own needs. I invested in the program because it was time for me to spend the money on myself and heal so that I can be the parent that I want to be and so that my kids don’t have to live with my trauma.”


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“Knowing what to look for and what to heal, because beforehand I had no idea that the reason why I’m frustrated is related to what I went through as a child.”

Meaning Into Daily Life

Andy discovered the mind-body connection after completing the Soul Legacy Program...

“The mind-body connection is epic and integrates its meaning into daily life. It has become second nature that I don’t even realize I’m doing it. I just automatically do something to get my body to be okay.”
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“I got ill because I wasn’t taking care of myself.”


Pain that is not faced, does not go away...

Jordane realised that leaving things to work themselves out was not going to work so she joined the Soul Legacy Program.

“I’ve learned so many techniques on the program and the ways I can learn to deal with stuff in my body, as opposed to just leaving it and hoping it will eventually work itself out – it will never work itself out! I love the course because it makes you accountable, it motivates you and it has a domino effect. It was really good doing it in a group; the sisterhood is cool.”

Being In Control

When Mary Paul completed the program she developed a sense of freedom and feels the whole process was life-changing for her.

I just have a bit more freedom in myself and how I can control myself. I feel like I’m more in control without actually being in control. Becoming more aware of why people do what they do and the way they behave, it’s just eye-opening to know that instead of just living with it, without having any real understanding or compassion for it.

My Way Of Thinking!

Mars has had her thinking transformed and learnt to hold herself accountable.

“I highly recommend every woman looking to have a better connection to herself and her children do this course. “It has transformed my way of thinking, I can now hold myself accountable for my own feelings and parent from a place of ease and understanding. “Amanda is a beautiful soul who genuinely cares about helping you to empower yourself and for that she is basically my hero!”


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“It’s hugely empowering to understand, what, or how, I react to a situation was predetermined, it was a security mechanism to protect myself or others around me.”

Mind-Body Connection!

Jodi is a beautiful woman and this is how she expressed her feelings about the course.

“I didn’t even know that the mind-body connection was a thing. Before the program, I’d always been living up to other people’s opinions. I was like the class people pleaser. I didn’t know how to be emotionally regulated at all. I wasn’t aware that you could sit with emotions and deal with them that way. Now I feel so empowered. I recommend it to others 1000%. It is totally worth it, it’s life-changing. I wouldn’t not want anyone to do this.”
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“It made me really conscious of the patterns that I could unconsciously pass down if I didn’t shine a light on them and muscle up to deal with them.”


Our Happy Clients Healing

Before the course, Andrea had frustration piling up. After completing the Soul Legacy Program, she could understand that she is as important as her children..

“My relationship with my daughter has skyrocketed. I am in better control of my own emotions and actually being able to feel those emotions and then process them in a healthy way. I learned from the course that I am just as important as my children. Before the course, I was so angry and frustrated. This sisterhood is the best thing ever!”

If You Value Yourself!

R. Gardner said...

“The course is definitely worth it. If you value yourself or want to value yourself, then, it is worth it. Money is always a big thing for a lot of people and one thing I would like to say now is money’s an excuse not to take care of ourselves. So if you’re going to say it’s too expensive for me or I can’t afford it, then you’re not valuing yourself.”


A mum's healing journey

When Nicola came, she was not sure what to do with her emotions.

“Beforehand, I had all these emotions so it’s been really nice to have access to some tools to be able to do better. That’s been really good. Then, knowing what to look for and what to heal because beforehand I had no idea that the reason why I’m frustrated is related to what I went through as a child. How good of a world would it be if everyone had access to this sort of thing, this sort of coaching and mentorship?!”
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“I had done parenting programs in the past but they never dealt with me, and the reasons why I respond the way I do.”

Absolute Gold: Calls

Nic got ahead of her reservations and joined the Soul Legacy Program...

“The weekly calls are just gold, absolute gold. They are really beneficial and they provide so much information because it’s all relative to what you’re going through and you get so much out of the Sisterhood. “My biggest win was, probably the fact that I learned all these tools, like, I know now that I have knowledge on how to give care for myself how to self-regulate, how to care for my nervous system, and how to keep caring for it. “I’ve found the whole process, really good. I found it really well structured.”
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“It’s changed my mothering a lot; it’s brought a lightness and almost a humour because I can now see automatic behaviours and act on it.”


Meet Mere

Mere was feeling overwhelmed juggling her job, motherhood and family obligations. Strengthening her mind-body connection has transformed all areas of her life...

“My whole life looked so different before. I still live in the same house and still have the same children and same partner, but everything feels new, I don’t have the additional stress of my wounds that I was taking on before. I even like my job now, even though it’s the same. “If I could buy this for everybody, it’s definitely worth it. It is the best money I’ve ever spent. I was going around in circles, running on that hamster wheel, not getting anywhere. Thank you for walking alongside me and making sure I found the way out.”

More Happy Mum's ...

Here is what Victoria feels after the Soul Legacy program!

“I really loved the modules. I found them really concise and comprehensive and I like the way that they’re quite short and bite-sized with loads of information in there to actually go through and process. It’s been great to be walking alongside other women in the group and also have my kind of personal learning going through the modules.”

Always Being Busy...

Before the course, Maree was finding it difficult to talk to her daughter. After three months into the course, this is how life has changed...

“I love that I can now talk to my daughter calmly and not react or get offended or take things personally. I am much more patient and calm and have taken the time to stop and connect with her instead of always being busy.”

A Mom's Voyage

Anouska loves that she has a sense of safety now, knowing that she can access the tools.

Before, I was still keeping myself small because I wasn’t dealing with the internal and so this work is so much more important to me than my day job. I can access the videos anytime I want to when I need to clarify something for myself. It’s made such a huge difference to how I show up for myself and the flow-on effect and that’s the biggest thing for me. I am not always apologising for what I have been walking through in my life or for taking up space. Hell no! It doesn’t matter what size I am, or what’s going on, I’m entitled to space.

The Power of Sisterhood

J Tuirangi had this to say about the program.

“I had reservations about the money. Is this going to be worth it? What am I going to get from it? But I’m so grateful to be part of a sisterhood, to know that I am not alone in how I think. So many other women in this world have similar thoughts and patterns. Talking together, the sisterhood, it’s really awesome.”

Finding Strength and Compassion

Annie-Rose reflects on her transformative journey through recovery from an eating disorder, highlighting the profound impact of compassionate guidance and support on her path to healing and self-acceptance.

“Amanda has been working with me on my healing journey. Her rich experience has allowed me to shift certain beliefs I had that were suffocating me. Amanda provides a safe and non-judgmental space for me to heal and thrive. She’s very compassionate and committed to me living my best life. I highly recommend her as a coach.”

Not Alone!

Some encouragement from W. M.

“You deserve the chance to live the life you want to live. You’ve got nothing to lose. Honestly, the things you’ll learn about yourself and from the other women on the journey is huge! The feeling that you’re not alone has been massive for me as well.”
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“I had a fundamental shift in my knowledge of myself, whether it be my body or my emotions, the way my nervous system functions.”

These woman have all been part of The Soul Legacy Program.Want to join them?

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