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Information is not transformation. We can read all the parenting books, listen to daily healing podcasts and spend hundreds of hours in talk therapy. 

None of this guarantees permanent change. I’m talking change that disrupts our patterns, flicks the switch in our brain and has us showing up as the most healed and truest form of ourselves. At the deepest level, all mothers want their children to grow up with emotional resilience and strong self-worth. That’s why mother’s choose to focus on their own emotional healing first. 

When any human has areas in their lives where they feel stuck, ashamed, exhausted or life is not playing out as they would like, taking a holistic approach may be the pathway to their healing. Being a certified wellness coach I have the honour of introducing a holistic healing approach to women and couples where the transformation comes from integration, not information.

In the realm of holistic healing, a growing body of evidence points to the profound interconnection between our physical bodies and emotional well-being. Studies show that 90% of our physical issues are related to our emotional state. By addressing the interconnectedness of our body and mind, somatic healing offers a transformative path to healing deep emotional wounds. 

Somatic healing (soma = body)  focuses on the body’s wisdom and innate ability to heal. In the medical field somatic healing is gaining recognition for its integral role in promoting emotional health. 

Understanding Somatic Healing:

Somatic healing recognizes that our bodies carry within them the imprints of our experiences, both positive and negative. It acknowledges that emotional and psychological traumas can become lodged in our physical form, manifesting as chronic pain, tension, or discomfort. As a certified wellness coach I share somatic healing approaches to help clients release these stored emotions by engaging the body’s wisdom in a gentle and compassionate manner. For mothers, this is particularly helpful when children are taking on our patterns, our tone and our belief systems. Having the ability to tap into stored emotions and use the somatic prracises to release them, is an valued approach in motherhood.

The Mind-Body Connection:

The mind and body are inextricably linked. The mind gives feedback to the body and in a continuous loop, the body influences the mind. With this in mind, our emotions can profoundly affect our physical well-being, and conversely, the state of our bodies can impact our emotional state. Somatic healing recognizes this intricate relationship and aims to create harmony between the two. As a qualified mind body practitioner, I support women to work through the body to access and release deep-seated emotional patterns, fostering profound healing on multiple levels.

Releasing Trauma and Emotional Wounds:

In my practice, I use somatic healing to provide a safe space for women to explore and process unresolved traumas and emotional wounds. Through bodywork, breathwork, voice release work and movement, I guide women to connect with their bodies and access the stored emotions that are affecting their moods, energy, behaviour and physical body. By engaging with bodily sensations, memories, and emotions, healing occurs at a fundamental level. The result is a sense of release and empowerment. Women go on to be more confident, more joyful and more in charge of their motherhood journey.

Unleashing the Body’s Wisdom: 

Our bodies possess an innate wisdom that goes beyond the realms of conscious thought. Somatic healing practices tap into this innate intelligence, allowing the body to guide the healing process. In my role as a mind body mentor, I help women cultivate mindfulness and attunement to bodily sensations. I see first hand how individuals learn to trust the wisdom of their bodies and develop a deeper understanding of their emotions. This embodied awareness promotes self-regulation and empowers individuals to navigate life and motherhood, in particular, with greater resilience and ease.

Restoring the Nervous System:

Traumatic experiences can leave a lasting impact on our nervous system, leading to chronic stress and anxiety. Somatic healing works directly with the nervous system, helping to restore balance and regulation. By engaging in practices such as grounding exercises, regulated breathing, and gentle movement, individuals can cultivate a sense of safety to restore the nervous system back to a state of relaxation.

Being Present:

Somatic healing encourages individuals to be fully present in their bodies and the present moment. As a mother’s mentor, the greatest cry I hear is that women want to be more present for their children. Through grounding practices like body scans and somatic experiencing, mothers develop an ability to connect deeply with their emotions and fears, which invites space and clearing to be fully present. They also foster self-compassion which provides a pathway to respond to life’s challenges from a place of centeredness.

Integrating Somatic Healing into Daily Life:

Somatic healing is not limited to therapy sessions; it is a way of life. On the Soul Legacy Program, my immersive 4 month journey for women, we integrate somatic practices into our daily routines. From the moment they wake, women have the opportnitiy to include mini rituals into their day regardless of how many children they have at home. While traditional approaches often focus solely on addressing psychological and cognitive aspects, somatic healing supports individuals to become their own healers.