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Soul Legacy Program

An intimate 4-month experience to go from being Reactive to Calm AND build an unbreakable bond with your child.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are triggered by your kids’ behaviour
  • You want to stop shouting and snapping at your kids (and feeling guilty afterward)
  • You want to be calmer and more patient in the moment but just don’t know how to change
  • You are not sure how to process your own emotions and theirs.
  • You’re tired of just surviving. You want to be more fun, energetic and have more ease in your motherhood journey
  • You want to parent differently than you were parented
  • You want to end the cycle of emotional patterns passed down to you.
  • You want to build a strong, lasting connection with your children
  • You are fed up with going it alone and want support, practical tools and a safe place to grow and heal

If you’re thinking ‘That’s me!” You’re in the right place.

“For our children to walk the world with a strong sense of self-worth and emotional resilience, we need to walk the world in the same way. It starts with you, Beautiful Mama”
Amanda McKay

Please know that you’re not alone!

I have worked with hundreds of mothers who’ve also experienced these patterns above. They too thought they wouldn’t be able to follow through to show up consistently calm and emotionally grounded.

But with the right guidance and support, they have succeeded in breaking the cycles of anger, frustration, guilt and shame AND built a deeper connection with their children.

And I know you can too. You just need to be shown the path.

Here’s how it works:

Weekly group coaching calls

Self-paced training modules:
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The Soul Legacy Program is designed especially for mothers

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“Knowing what to look for and what to heal, because beforehand I had no idea that the reason why I’m frustrated is related to what I went through as a child.”

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