Amanda McKay presents a Motherhood Mastery Masterclass

Reactive to Calm

Eliminate reactivity, stress and burnout so you can so you can build an unbreakable bond with your child.

I know you’re ready for the connection with your kids to reflect the Great Mum that You are!

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Learn the Art of Motherhood so you can go to bed without a head full of regret

7:30pm, July 29, 2024 NZT

You know you are a great mum.

Your kids love you and they are great little humans. But you’re struggling to show up in a way that:

So you end up in a frustrating cycle of:

The result?

We are going to end that cycle

Being a mind-body expert, I created a program that is:

But instead helps me…

genuinely love motherhood.

Because of that, I get to feel in control of my emotions while creating incredible connections with my kids.

And the best part is it has nothing to do with me being special…

And everything to do with how I process and release 

My emotions.

My inherited patterns.

My learned behaviors.

Now it’s your turn.

Everything about this masterclass is designed to shift you from being the mother you’re ‘supposed’ to be to being the mother you’re meant to be.

It works for me.

It works for my clients.

I know you’re ready to…

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What to expect

You ready mama?

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